4 Simple Steps to Help Your Kids Set AND Achieve Goals

Curt Jordan
2 min readJan 6, 2021
Happy New Year! My name is Curt Jordan. I’m the founder of Kong Academy, a place for kids to thrive.*

What do most adults do at the beginning of a new year? Right, most of us make resolutions and set goals for the coming year. We believe our kids should be empowered to set their goals for the new year too. That will give them a feeling of ownership and independence and guide them towards making responsible decisions.

Also, just remember the feeling of accomplishment when you hit a goal you set for yourself — kids feel the same! It’s a huge boost of their confidence.

Now, in order to teach goal setting for a kid, the first thing they need to figure out is their want or desire. In order to know their want, you’re going to need to dive deep into some of those things like asking them “What is it that you want?” It’s easier for them (and most of us!) to define what they don’t want. The next step is asking “Why do you want it”? If they know WHY they want something, they’ll have a purpose and a mission. Knowing the “Why” will help them when things get hard, which they will. They’re going to need fuel to keep going when things get challenging.

The next steps are setting a deadline or a number of practice sessions and, VERY important, a plan on how they want to achieve their goals. Use our Goal Setting Worksheet to give your child a simple way to set a goal. Once they’ve set their goal and they’ve written it out on paper, they need your help and support to stay on track. Put the Goal Sheet somewhere visible and develop a routine of checking in with your child to support their journey to success. They can do it. We need to be their encouragement. AND … we need to be their example. Why not use the same Goal Sheet for yourself and work on it together with your child 🤓. Also: start small, you can set goals all year round, not just in January. Guide your kid to pick an achievable goal (same for yourself 😋). And don’t forget to CELEBRATE ✨✨✨!!!

Summary: What do they want, what is their goal? Why do they want it? By when do they want to achieve it? What’s the plan to achieve the goal? Celebrate!

We would love to see your Goal Sheets! Send us a picture and let us know how it goes!!

*The video is taken from our “Keep your Sanity Guide for Parents”? If you like the video, get the course for you and your family! It’s 4 modules and covers the Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, Self Control and Conflict Resolution. Here is the link.



Curt Jordan

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